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Aiuda! exists to resolve the lives of busy people. Help us in this misson by doing things like: making quotes for different supplies, in-depth investigations , taking calls, responding text messages in social media, planning a trip, survey, digitize documents, photo selection and many more things.

You can join as an "On-Demand Assistant" and work from home in your free time. This modality is perfect if you are actually studying or if you have another job. Alternatively, you can apply to a fixed part-time or full-time assistant job and take more complex tasks that require extreme levels of confidenciality and consistency.

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How it works?

This is how it works if you want to join as an On-Demand Assistant.

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    Define the best schedule for you. Connect to Aiuda! consistently to recieve more tasks.

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    Receive tasks by phone and make your best job in the quickest time possible to earn the most.

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    You'll receive a previously agreed weekly payment for each task you complete.

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See what things our customers usually need

These are the requirements to become an Aiuda! assistant

  • red arrowMagnific interpersonal skillis
  • red arrowGreat English (90% at least)
  • red arrowPerfect orthography
  • red arrowHave a least 4 hours available
  • red arrowHave a smartphone (2016 or modern)
  • red arrowAnd a modern laptop (2014 or modern)
  • red arrowConflict resolution skills
  • red arrowHave a tax ID number (NIT)

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